Pool Board Agenda

Pool Board Agenda
Tuesday June 11, 2019
6:00 P.M. at City Council Chambers

  1. Call to Order & Roll Call
  2. Approve and/or Amend Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting on 5/14/2019 as presented or amended
  4. Citizen Report
  5. Pool informational update from Kristyn Manjoine, Pool Aquatics Director
  6. Discussion and/or Action Items:
    • Treasurer’s Reports:  Monthly Financials/Daily Revenues
    •  Pool Bills
    •  FY2019-20 Wages for Guards, WSI Instructors, & Pool Relief     Manager
    •  Pool Diving Board
    • Hire Structural Engineer for Review of Building
    • Bids to Move and Reinstall Breaker Boxes from Filter Pit to Wall
  7. Adjournment